Friday, April 10, 2009

Good Friday

Hail the perfect Lamb of God
A kingly ransom paid
When You, my Lord, were slain
Love unrivaled here displayed
Calls my heart to praise
The perfect Lamb of God

The light of day was cloaked by night
And heaven closed its eyes
Wrath unspared for countless sins
The guiltless crucified
Hands of kindness driven through
Back on splintered beam
The holy curtain torn in two
Atonement made for me

Insults mock the Son of God
The angels are restrained
But all the cup must be endured
For sinners to be saved
Can grace prevail in such a day
Of scandal and of scorn?
But with a cry “Forgive” You claim
Traitors as Your own

As You drew Your final breath
My debt was satisfied
And love divine in glorious might
Would vanquish death and rise

-Perfect Lamb of God by Sovereign Grace
Sunday is coming.

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Mel said...

I listened to this song here for the first time on Friday. I loved it so much, I had to play it for my mom, and she dearly loved it as well. I'll be listening to it again, multiple times, I'm sure. Thanks for sharing it.