Friday, July 08, 2011

The Spurgeon of Africa

Or so he's called.

Conrad Mbewe on his life and conversion. It's kind of eerie how much of his testimony I can identify with: carefully choosing his words to say that he grew up in a "church-going" family, wrestling with prideful ambition in the call to preach (he's far more humble than I have been), college campus ministry, being part of his local church's planting efforts before becoming a pastor, the lengthy delay between his call to ministry and the fulfillment of that call, and the very request of asking God to "open the door and I'll walk through" (I prayed this almost verbatim the night when I sensed God calling me to Kenya just over three years ago).

And then on African Evangelicalism and Nigerian Junk.

And his sermon from the recent Gospel Coalition conference in April:

So what do you think? Do you see any resemblance?

HT: Gospel Coalition Blog

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David said...

Was blessed to hear him speak at the TGC conference in April!