Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Teaching Children Everything Is a Means to Ministry

So helpfully challenging.

As much as children who grow up in such households would not only see the glory of God but be deeply molded into selflessly loving agents of redemption as a result of those years under their parents' roof, I'm convinced that any parents who wholeheartedly commit to teach this to their kids by humble example (including repentance when they fail) will be the ones who learn and change the most during those years.

In other words, teaching us how to be agents of redemption (e.g. a parent is an agent of his child's redemption) in this life is the essence of our very own experience of redemption in this life.

Or, stated another way, teaching us how to make disciples (e.g. a parent discipling his child) is the essence of our own formation into mature disciples.

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