Saturday, January 25, 2014

He Feels the One, He Feels the Other

But here is what I’m wondering. Is the only message we’ll hear and receive the word of justification and acceptance and affirmation? What if our Savior wants to get up in our faces about things in us that displease him? Will we dismiss that message as legalism? We can turn it into legalism. If we respond to the rebukes of Scripture as occasions for self-invented virtue, discounting the finished work of Christ on the cross, then it is legalism. But that is not what the Bible is saying. The Bible is alerting us to the heart of our Father, a heart that is wounded by our sins and follies, a heart that is pleased with our humility and obedience. He feels the one, he feels the other. This is part of the New Covenant message to God’s blood-bought people. Will we receive it?
I'm convinced Ray Ortlund hits the nail on the head of the greatest danger facing true, Reformed, modern evangelicalism with this word.  The reason it's dangerous is because it's so subtle.  Read the rest here.

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