Saturday, October 11, 2008

The Blood Covers More Than We Often Think

But the blood of Christ can do greater things than our questioning hearts can conceive. Its virtue extends farther than either unbelief or self-righteousness will credit. It has the property of covering, not merely our sins before coming, however great these may be, but the defects of our act of coming. Our High Priest bears "the iniquity of our holy things." ... To separate that act of ours in coming, from the sins for the cleansing of which we come, so as to make it a thing by itself, on the right forth-putting of which the availableness of the blood depends, is to say that there is one class of sins to which the efficacy of the blood cannot extend.

Quoted in Christ Is All: The Piety Of Horatius Bonar (p.213, emphasis added)
Let's face it. None of us can come the right way. That's why there is no right way to come. Just come. I love the gospel. What a perfect way to prepare for the Lord's Day!

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Mel said...

I love and appreciate this quote. It relates so well to where I am in this journey. It also reminds me of what you wrote in your post about Lacrae's interview with Mark Driscoll and how we tend to "dress Jesus up." I, too, pray that God will transform my heart and life in such a way that people who meet me will say "She can't possibly be a Christian." I pray they will be drawn to Christ as His Spirit flows through His people through acts of unconditional love and humble service.