Wednesday, October 29, 2008

How To Raise The Dead

We can't. And yet this is exactly what we are sent to do.


Justin said...

wow I didn't think that I would actually listen to the whole thing, but it was good. very similar to another one I heard him preach, but it is good. at the end, the labor part really hit home when Jesus food was to work and our food is to work for the Kingdom. Thanks Chris for posting it

pilgriminconflict said...

I think Paul Washer has only a handful of sermons that he just keeps on re-preaching. I've now heard some variation of this sermon at least a handful of times and I still feel like I need to have it preached to me again! But I think the same thing was true of Jeremiah and the other prophets. They only had one message that they kept on re-preaching: Repent!

Justin said...

For sure... I've heard this a couple times and every time it gives me the chills and gets me to think more about evangelism